How to Make Money With Facebook

make money with facebook
How to Make Money with Facebook

Making money online is a dream of almost every Pakistani.
But they don’t know how to make this dream come true. Therefore, sometimes they run after clicks, and sometimes they are directed towards were they to see ads and clicks on them in order to make money online, but in all these things they just waste their time and get nothing in return. And at the end of the day, they got disappointed. Today I am going to show you a real and step-by-step guide to make money with Facebook.

There is only one proven and effective way to make money online, with the help of which you can earn Rs 40,000 to Rs 500,000 per month without having much knowledge of technology or having computer sciences background, i.e “Online Business”. Online Business specifically means turn your physical shops/business into online stores. If you don’t have your physical shop you can still open an online store. I will guide you how you can do this.

You can call Facebook the root of a thousand evils, but no other platform will give you as much opportunity to improve your life or your career as Facebook does. In this article, I will tell you what rules you can follow to start an online business … and make it a success.

make money with Facebook
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1- Research

First, find your focus – what you want to sell in an online business. For this, you can visit your city or a nearby big city, meet different people, research what are the things that made here and is not made anywhere else or if it is made elsewhere, it is not like that .. as Kamalia’s khaddar is famous .. Faisalabad chairman’s latha is famous ….. pure honey of rural areas is famous Multan’s winter shawls are popular. Do all your research and decide what to sell or what not to sell. That is, to focus on one product or to sell different things.

2- Create a Facebook page

Think of a good name for your business in terms of your business, i.e whatever you plan to sell, and create a Facebook page with the same name on Facebook. Apply a nice logo (profile picture) that you can design yourself (you don’t need to be a graphic designer just go to canva and do it) or have someone to do it for you. Remember that the name of your business or company should be written on the profile picture i.e the logo. The next day upload the designed Facebook cover of your page that must your company or business name, your products name, your mobile number, and at least one picture of your product/products.… and the next day put your first product on this page ready to sell on Facebook. I have said all these things with a difference of one day because if you create a page in one day and start selling on the same day with cover and logo on the same day, many people will consider your page, a mere fraud. They will not understand anything except that the page has been made today so that it might be fake.

3-Content Writing

When you are uploading pictures of your product to sell on the page, you should try to write a good detailed introduction about this product and explain the features of this product. And tell people how your product is superior to similar ones on the market.And how is this a special product of your or your nearest city. Maybe ten percent of Pakistan’s population acan read English but ninety-five percent of the population can read Urdu. Write your post in Urdu if you want to target only the Pakistani population. Make your audience 95% rather than 5%.


Honesty is the key to the success of every business so make it your priority. When someone contacts you for your product, never, ever lie to the customer. Tell them openly what is wrong with your product, if there is any. Believe me, if one goes, you will find hundreds of more but do not be dishonest and liar. Nothing is free from defects. If someone asks about the defect of your product, tell them. For example, if you are selling a cloth, tell the customer that after one or two seasons, the color of the cloth will start to fade.Tell them that “A suit of fifteen hundred will be taken out in one or two seasons. Isn’t that enough?” Online stores are considered a scam in Pakistan. Try to be one of those people who can restore the trust of your people in online stores.

5- Free Delivery – Cash on Delivery

You have to keep the rate of your product so that the delivery charges are included in it. When you tell the price to the customer, he will be upset that it is so expensive but when you tell him that it is free delivery, his grief will be reduced by half. Anyway, the word that triggers the Pakistani people the most is “free”.

Keep cash on delivery. There will be very few people who will trust you by sending you money first. If it is one or two kilos send it from TCS. TCS rate is up to 200/-Rs per parcel depending upon the weight of the parcel. You can open your account in TCS.

They will take the payment by giving the goods as your representative. If someone refuses the order and does not receive it, the goods will be returned. The maximum loss will be your delivery charges which is two hundred and thirty rupees per kg. If the goods are more than two kilos, send it from the post office so that you do not have to spend more.

6-Post Boost

The best option for Facebook is that the post is boosted here, i.e people who didn’t like your page will also have a show on their wall. And during the boost, select your audience (target market) in Pakistan. If your product is for females, select only the female gender. If it is for males, select male, otherwise both. Select 18 to 60 years of age. In Pakistan, some of the people who use Facebook between the ages of 18 and 60 (depending on the amount of money boosted) will have hundreds or thousands of advertisements for your product on the wall. The likes will increase while the calls or messages for your business will also come.

7- Mobile App

There is an app called Business Suite for Facebook Pages. Install it and stay active on your page at all times. You should try to consider this app as a shop and sit there. Comment on the person who comments. Like and respond to it. If someone writes a nice collection or nice, then like his comment and write a thank you in reply. If someone shows interest in buying your product. Immediately message him in the inbox and write in reply to the comment that check inbox. First thank this person in the inbox for showing interest in your product then after one or two minutes inbox from him. Talk to him and get the number of this person and call immediately. The best dealing is done on the call as compared to comments or inbox. Don’t ask for anyone’s number openly. Ask for numbers in the inbox. Don’t do full dealing in the inbox. Call him on the phone and honestly convince your customer .


There is a Chinese saying, “If you can’t smile, don’t open a shop.” There will be such useless and heartbreaking comments on your product post that you will get very angry but don’t worry … this is business. Patience is the most important thing in this. Those who write that they are robbing nonsense, answer them calmly, saying that we are ashamed that we have not been able to bring anything of your quality. Even if on the phone. If the customer is hot, control yourself. It is a question of providing for your parents or your children.

9-Return Policy

You should keep your return policy soft. Tell customer that if you don’t like my goods, they will return to you within 24 hours in the same condition as you went. Send me back. Get all your money back. This is something you have to say and deal with before you send the goods. This will increase the customer’s confidence in you.


Sometimes on the occasion of a happy occasion like Eid or if your page gets ten or twenty thousand likes, then make promotions for the customers. On such an occasion, if you want, reduce your profit by one hundred rupees or one hundred and fifty rupees. In this case, the people on the page will not be bored with the same thing that you are selling only one thing at the same rate.


When your goods reach the customer, call and get feedback from them whether they have received the item and he is satisfied.
Also, if you have four to five thousand rupees, print your visiting cards. Print your company’s shopper (bags) and when you send the product, send it in your company’s plastic bag and put one of your cards inside. This will give a good impression to the customer that this is no ordinary company or page and your company or page will have publicity.

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